about wildflower valley





a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention.


for about the past 5 years, i've been talking about starting a business of my own. all of my close family & friends are probably more excited than i am that this is actually happening since i talked everyone's ear off about it, and i'm FINALLY here. this is going to be such an amazing journey, and i can't thank my fiance, family, + best friends enough for all of the love + support!
this is just the beginning of finding my way thru life, which is why the name "wildflower" had stuck with me from the beginning. after graduating college from philadelphia university & majoring in fashion merchandising, i went out into the corporate buying world. the more time i sat in a cube, the more i needed to make having a company of my own a reality. let me say that i couldn't have started this business without all of the knowledge i gained in these positions out of college, but it wasn't a forever lifestyle that i wanted to live. i knew i needed to get out, and do my own thing. after buying products for mass retailers and seeing how much product was getting pumped through the system, i realized that we as consumers, can do so much for the environment, community, + ultimately the world  -- just by purchasing a cute workout tank, a scented candle, or a piece of jewelry. plus, you might actually appreciate the product a little more. in this crazy world, my hope is that all of our small acts of buying feel good fashion, can help create a world of oneness. 
 wildflower valley is rooted by a lifestyle of dreams, wanderlust & a positive lifestyle. every product is socially conscious and ethically sourced -- small batch, hand made, eco friendly, all natural. i really wanted to carry over this feeling of what wildflower valley believes in through all aspects of the brand, the merchandise, + even where we sell to products to you. wildflower valley will be a traveling boutique, because who doesn't love to be a gypsy sometimes? we'll be making stops at small & local pop up shops, store within store boutiques, farmers markets, beach towns - of course you can always find us at wildflowervalley.com, keep up with our whereabouts or be social @wildflowervalley 24/7-365 via instagram + facebook.
check it out, browse around, + let me know what you think!
-- follow us for our next adventure!
peace, love, + wildflowers