Collection Feature - Stay active!

Collection Feature - Stay active!

I never thought about fitting in diet and exercise into my life when I was younger. I played soccer and softball and every backyard sport you could think of growing up. I grew up with all guys, and I was actually a little tom boyish. (still not sure how I landed on Fashion Merchandising as my major). I literally don’t even think I knew what a calorie was. Wawa hoagies, Spongebob Mac & Cheese and Ramen Noodles were my go-to. I was fortunate that I never had to worry about fitting diet & exercise into my life. Then I went to college. I didn’t start to understand what it meant to stay active and healthy until the freshman 15 was a real thing. I decided to hit up the campus gym, and ever since then staying healthy & exercising has been a huge part of my everyday life.

Staying active, and trying to be healthy is definitely a struggle for many people, especially during the holiday season. How long should I work out? When should I work out? Which type of workout do I enjoy? It’s different for everyone. Maybe you don’t really like to “workout” at all, but I promise you will never regret even just getting in that neighborhood stroll.

Any activity is all about trial & error. After trying out many different workouts, weights, classes, running etc., I realized that joining adult soccer leagues, boxing classes and any outdoor activity was my thing. I do occasionally love a good Barre3 class to slow it down – you just have to find the right balance and what works for you!

What I do know is that when you look good, you feel good, and that’s half the fun of staying active. Staying active is a lifestyle, and Wildflower Valley’s collection is comprised of Made in USA, fair trade & eco-friendly active apparel. All of these pieces are very versatile that you can wear while doing yoga, running errands, hitting the gym or park, laying around the house – basically any excuse to wear comfy clothes.

Here are a few of my faves from the collection – but you can shop it all here.

  • Good Hyouman – Escape the Ordinary sweatshirt. I literally live in this sweatshirt. I wear it big and love to pair it with leggings and sneaks or boots. It’s made in the USA, and it’s soo comfortable.
  • My other good hYOUman fav right now is anything with the muscle tank cut. It’s flattering on anyone, and when you don’t feel like wearing a tight top to work out, the muscle tank is a great alternative. The other awesome reason why I love good hYOUman are the inspirational messages that are on most of their apparel, which is great motivation to stay active & live a positive lifestyle.
  • Niyama Sol – Buddha Fest crop. I really can’t choose my favorite pattern from the Niyama Sol collection, but right now I am loving Buddha Fest. The colors of deep purples and reds are perfect for the fall/winter. These pants are comfortable, have a great stretch and actually STAY in place! (**there's also a super cute bra top to match.) The patterns and designs are super cool and intricate, but the best part about these pants is that they are made out of plastic water bottles! The beachcomber crop length is also great for shorties like me. This cut comes to my ankle, but would probably come to about mid-calf for everyone else over 5’1. ;)

I’m pretty much active apparel obsessed, but these are definitely a few of my favorites.

If you have any questions, comments, or need more info about sizing feel free to reach out!

Peace, love & staying active.


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