keeping up with resolutions

keeping up with resolutions

If you know me – you know that I’m a procrastinator but also extremely impatient. Procrastinator in the way that it’s almost two weeks into February + I’m trying to keep up with a goal that I set at the beginning of the year to write a blog at least once a month (January doesn’t count right?). Impatient in every aspect of life, especially when it comes to this little business really taking off! I have so many goals that I want to make happen this year, my mind is ALWAYS going – ask my husband, mom + bff that are the true heroes of Wildflower Valley.

2017 was one for the books. Not only was is the first full year for Wildflower Valley, but I also got married and welcomed a new baby niece + nephew into this crazy world! In 2018 I really want to focus on growing this dream of bringing socially conscious + ethically sourced products with purpose to the shop. I’m always on the hunt for brands + products with purpose – here are two of our newest brands that have been added to the shop:

  • Bryan Anthony’s is all about inspirational jewelry. They are subtle + cute, with a motivational message for each symbol. Here are a few of my fave styles:

* Let Go Choker – this simple choker sends a great message to Let Go of your past, + look forward to your future. The simple stones represent letting go of everything that is weighing you down.

* Tribe Friendship Leather Choker – I love the little tribe pendant, + it is especially cute on the black leather cord. Find your tribe, love them hard.

* Wildflower Necklace – the message behind this necklace is the definition of what Wildflower Valley is all about. Being wild + free, being bold + taking chances!

             bryan anthonys let go choker necklace bryan anthonys wildflower necklace bryan anthonys tribe leather cord choker necklace


  • Bell Mountain Naturals soaps are made with all plant-based oils + butters that are ethically + sustainably harvested. All products are always Positively Palm-Free. They make all our products with natural botanicals, mineral rich clays, + therapeutic grade essential oils for truly natural luxury. No preservatives, artificial dyes or fragrances. Paraben free. Small batch made to ensure the highest quality product. Gentle + luxurious for everyday use. All of these qualities making their soaps smell amazing, but here are my fave scents:

*Santa Ynez – I can’t get enough of anything + everything lavender. This soap is a combo of lavender + cedarwood, so it is very earthy yet soothing.

* Metairie – this scent is made from geranium, citrus + rose. It’s the perfect spring fragrance that is botanical + lively.

       bell mountains naturals handmade bar soap santa ynez bell mountain naturals mini gem soap pink


Click around to shop these new brands. Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Peace, Love + Goals!



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