Sweet Summer!

Sweet Summer!


There are two kinds of people. The one’s who celebrate their birthday for an entire month + the one’s who breeze over the day like any other day in their life. As most things in life, I’m sorta in between. I like to do something easy with my friends + family, but I don’t keep the party focused on me for too long! (Although I’ve been talking about my 30th birthday for like two years now because one of my bucket list destinations is Colorado – I’ve been dying to snowboard out West!) I still have to wait a year for that one though 😊

Somehow this year has been the slowest but fastest year of all time. I’m not sure if that’s what happens when you get older, but the winter felt sooo long + the spring is flying. It’s already JUNE! How did that happen?! June is my favorite month of the year. Obviously because it’s my birthday month (I'm about to be 29 on the 11th!), but also because it kicks off Summer! The days start getting longer, the weather starts getting warmer, + the cute trends start making their way to the beaches, pools + bbq’s.

The Summer trends are coming in hot! Here are a few of my current fave’s in the shop:

Floral Rompers – I was just in Austin, TX for a bachelorette part over MDW + let me tell you that city was life changing! I am not a city person by all means, but I could totally move there. Do yourself a favor + book a girl’s trip to Austin. Rainey Street is the most perfect Pinterest worthy street with the cutest bars, restaurants + food trucks! My friend and I threw on a floral romper that was perfect for Happy Hour that rolled right into the night.


floral romper short sleeve jumpsuit


Aromatherapy – If you’re a frequent flyer, hitting the road, or just hanging at home this summer, our roll-on essential oil blends will keep you feeling your best for all of the summer adventures. My current fave is focus! Life always feels like it’s gogogo so I’m really trying to take the time to focus on the present + enjoy these moments. The Focus essential oil roll-on is a sweet blend of lavender, tangerine, mandarin, roman chamomile + german chamomile All of these oils are therapeutic grade + doubles as a natural perfume!

 luxe apothecary essential oil blend rollers

Mexican Blankets – The Summer is meant for outdoor activities. This could be another reason why June is my favorite month. Breathing the fresh outdoor air gives me life! The new Mexican Blankets that we have in the shop are necessary for all of your beach days, picnics in the park + fire pit nights! We have over 15 styles that are the prettiest pastels with a few brights, too. They are handmade in Mexico by a family owned business. The entire business is a green business + all the blankets are made from recycled fibers. This is a must have for your next adventure!

 mexican blanket handmade eco friendly recycled fabric beach throw yoga


Peace, Love + Cheers to the Sweet Summer!



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