facial steam

facial steam

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One of the best ways to give yourself a moment of self-love is a facial steam. This is a glorious mix of flowers encourages you to open to your own beauty and that of the present moment. 

The ritual: Add a heaping 1/2 cup to a wide diameter pot or bowl, cover with 2 inches of boiling water, steep for about 5 minutes or until the temperature of the steam is tolerable, place bowl/pot on a heat-safe surface, place head above bowl and cover with a bath towel to create a tent for the steam to stay in. Sit for 5-15+ mins, whatever feels right.

Ingredients: Organic calendula flowers, organic yarrow flowers, organic rose petals & buds, organic chamomile, flower essences & a house blend of therapy grade essential oils.

8oz glass jar with lid. 

Made in small batches with lots of love in the woods of beautiful Bucks County PA.

usa made

women owned


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