of the sea face mask

of the sea face mask

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Connect with the ocean with our newest face mask! A blend of bladderwrack, spirulina, Dead Sea mud and clay this will purify skin and also bring minerals in through our pores. Plus it turns bright green when you use it which makes it a real fun time.

use: add a heaping teaspoon to a bowl and slowly mix in a liquid of your choice (suggestions include apple cider vinegar, honey water, rosewater, hydrosol of choice, water, etc) and mix..careful not to add too much liquid! Then, using a brush, paint your face with the mask. Allow to dry, maybe use the time to drink some tea or call a friend (or even better do with your bff) and then wash your face with warm water, wipe away any remaining residue with a towel and enjoy your freshness!

ingredients: bentonite clay, Dead Sea mud, bladderwrack, spirulina.
*all ingredients are organic

usa made

women owned


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